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Jul 24, 2014

The publisher of this week’s book, Adhouse, suggests that book, Street Angel, be filed under these categories: comedy, poverty, hero, and kung fu. Those terms both entirely describe and woefully undersell the breadth of pure comic booking contained in this 10th anniversary hardcover reprinting of Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca's breakout hit. The title character is homeless teenage girl Jesse Sanchez; she sleeps in abandoned buildings and prowls the streets of Wilkesborough on her skateboard, keeping it safe from ninjas, mad scientists, demons, time-displaced Spanish conquerors, more ninjas, and (with the help of an aged but still bad motherSHUT YOUR MOUTH Afrodisiac) racist gun-toting rednecks. This book may be Rugg's first but it still hits like a 100-megaton bomb of experimentation in the name of homage and homage in the name of truth. Listen to Mike and Greg talk about how many ways Street Angel is a little slice of comic book heaven for anyone who picks it up.

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