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Jun 24, 2019



H.P. Lovecraft's At The Mountains of Madness by Guo Tanabe Vol. 1 TPB

Usagi Yojimbo v33: Hidden TPB & Marilyn Manor #1

Jun 20, 2019

The comics window-shopping continues! Flipping to the companion magazines and then back to the front of the catalog, Mike & Greg’s attention focuses on the Premier Publishers: Dark Horse! DC! Image! IDW! Marvel! Dynamite! BOOM! What's coming to comic shops in August from these companies that catches the...

Jun 17, 2019


Usagi Yojimbo #1 & Silver Surfer: Black #1 (of 5)

Howard the Duck #1 Facsimile Edition & Batman/The Flash: The Button TPB


Jun 13, 2019

Another month, another “Previews” catalog to dissect! As always, Mike & Greg start things off with the diverse Green and Purple sections, covering the majority of publishers in one fell swoop. What's coming to comic shops in August (or later) that catches the lads’ fancies? Definitely something for everyone in the...

Jun 10, 2019

Picks for Wednesday, June 12, 2019
Mike- Criminal #5 & Tank Girl Color Classics #3 (1990-1991)
Greg- Moonshadow: The Definitive Collection HC & Penny Nichols OGN

Need suggestions for your LCS trip this week? Let Mike & Greg point out the books hitting shelves on Wednesday they're most excited about in this three hundred...