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Jul 2, 2020

This episode was originally broadcast on August 6, 2015.

This week we're bringing you the second of our two HeroesCon 2015 episodes: a conversation between Michel Fiffe & Klaus Janson. They may be from two different generations of the industry, but make no mistake: these guys are of one mind when it comes to making great comics. And they aren't afraid to speak that mind about it, either. 

Although jokingly referred to by many at the show before the panel as an excuse to sit around and talk about how awesome Klaus Janson is for an hour, the conversation quickly settles into a mutual exploration of each creator's work process and outlook on comics. Topics range from Copra intentions, where storytelling stands in today's comics, the secret to career longevity, what problem Janson was told he had as a creator (and whether or not he agreed), Charlton's printing quality (or lack thereof), the pros & cons of the monthly grind on creators, the possibility of a real Janson/Fiffe collaboration, and much more.

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