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Sep 14, 2023

Today's show brings another returning guest: a cartoonist so well-known for being in tune with the vibe of Jack Kirby in his own work that when he published his Kirby biography Jack Kirby: The Epic Life of the King of Comics in 2020, there's no doubt a large portion of the readership wondered what had taken him so long.

The delay was most likely due to the fact he was busy making a name for himself with such projects in the comics mainstream and independent arenas as The Myth of 8-Opus, G0dland, Transformers vs GI Joe, American Barbarian, Go-Bots, and many more. He also takes the time to not only be the fifth-Beatle-esque third Cartoonist Kayfaber on that popular YouTube channel, but co-host his own Total Recall Show with Matt Zeoli. But today, Tom Scioli is here to talk with Greg about a new collaboration between himself and The King (separated by 80-ish years or so) as well as his new biography on the other half of the Kirby-Lee partnership: I am Stan: The Graphic Biography of the Legendary Stan Lee.

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