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Jul 22, 2015

While sorting through the digital bric-a-brac that litters the subterranian RFT recording studio, we came across something very special buried deep on a harddrive. Back in December 2011, the one and only Jack Davis was the guest of honor at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics festival. Fantagraphics had just released "Drawing American Pop Culture," a collection of Davis' art spanning his long and varied career, and the artist himself made the trip from Georgia to Brooklyn so he could sign copies and shake as many hands as possible. He took a little time away from the hustle of the festivle to have a seat on stage and discuss his carreer and art. Moderated by Gary Groth and Drew Friedman, the conversation you're about to hear touches on all aspect's of Davis' work, including his time at Mad and EC, as well as his commercial work producing magazine covers and movie posters. We're very excited to have found this, and even more excited to share it with all of you.

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