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Feb 16, 2014

When you’ve collected tons of awards and loads of critical acclaim for an all-ages adventure series like Bone, where do you go for a followup? If you’re Jeff Smith, you pop over to the next parallel world and come back with a hard-boiled sci-noir story like RASLHis 2008 series tells the story of Robert Johnson, ex-scientist and current dimension-hopping art thief, and is the latest book discussion topic.

Mike and Greg take an in-depth look at Smith’s career coming out of Bone, how the different iterations of RASL (original B&W or restored one-volume color HC) affect one’s possible enjoyment of the work, and what it means to be a cartoonist, something we have surprisingly different takes on. Oh, and we talk about the book itself, too.

So slap on your t-suits and dial over to our specific parallel dimension for over an hour of talk on Jeff Smith’s RASL!

Robots From Tomorrow is a weekly comics podcast recorded deep beneath the Earth’s surface. You can subscribe to it via iTunes or through the RSS feed at You can also follow Mike and Greg on Twitter. Music is John Hughes by Anamanaguchi. Enjoy your funny books.