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Aug 26, 2021

This episode was originally broadcast on October 29, 2014.

It’s another free-form talk that goes all over the map! Both Mike and Greg dig into childhood comic collecting memories to talk about the events they loved, the team-ups they treasured, and the books that they read until they fell apart (the comics, not the hosts). From The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told to Civil War to Armor Wars to what the hell to do with a shortbox full of Wolverine team-up issues, things get very nostalgic but with an eye to the future.

What are the costumes of today that future comic fans will look back on with the same affection we bring to the Silver Centurion armor or the black-suited Spider-Man? How long does it take for Wolverine to find his lower torso after its been ripped off? What do Lee/Kirby Fantastic Four have to do with The Dark Knight Returns? What Philly comic shop has the best back issue bins? Find out the answers to these questions and more you didn’t know you had in this episode!

Robots From Tomorrow is a weekly comics podcast recorded deep beneath the Earth’s surface. You can subscribe to it via iTunes or through the RSS feed at You can also follow Mike and Greg on Twitter. Stay safe and enjoy your funny books.