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Oct 31, 2019

Whether you know it as Metal Hurlant or Heavy Metal, the primal comics scream started by Moebius & Phillipe Druillet over forty years ago is the subject of this long-awaited two-part Book Discussion!

The lads recap both the franchise's long history and their own connections with it. Highs and lows, peaks and valleys, from mid-70's newsstands to present-day tablets, Mike and Greg talk about the magazine's legacy and continued impact under the stewardship of Grant Morrison.

Was Les Humanoïdes Associés the Image Comics of its day? Did the magazine's newsstand presence help or hurt its reputation? Which creators made the biggest impact on the hosts? How does James Harvey's "Mouth Baby" stack up against "The Incal" or "The Bus"? The answer to all these questions and more on today's episode!