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Aug 31, 2017

Sam Teer drops by this week to help Greg make heads or tails of Steve Gerber & Jack Kirby's "Destroyer Duck". Published by Eclipse Comics in the early 1980's, "Destroyer Duck" was a 5-issue satirical onslaught hatched to fund Gerber's legal dispute with Marvel Comics over the rights to Howard the Duck. Duke Duck takes up arms against Godcorp when the monolithic megacorporation kills his only-seen-in-shadow-but-obviously-Howard friend The Little Guy. But do these comics exact satisfying satirical revenge in a mighty marvelous manner? Or does too much creator bitterness make this work a lame duck in both creators' careers? And did Greg really just side with Marvel Comics??? All that and more as opinions and observations run amok in this week's episode!

(Supplemental reading for this episode: All Quacked Up: Steve Gerber, Marvel Comics, and Howard the Duck)

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