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Nov 12, 2015

With Mike on assignment, the lads are more than happy to have Multiversity Comics colleague and comics-wielding educator Paul Lai filling in on the mic in his stead. And like any good substitute, Paul brought his own lesson plans and discussion topic: getting into and staying in comics. But this isn't a 'breaking in' discussion; he and Greg talk about how they got into READING comics and managed to wind up where they are today, lo those many years later. Secret origins are revealed, knowledge is dropped, mutual admiration espoused, and a pretty free-wheeling discussion spins out of Paul's visit to the subterranean recording studio. 

Robots From Tomorrow is a weekly comics podcast recorded deep beneath the Earth’s surface. You can subscribe to it via iTunes or through the RSS feed at You can also follow Mike and Greg on Twitter. This episode is brought to you by Third Eye Comics. Enjoy your funny books.