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Sep 17, 2015

Desire, thought, and action. In the followup to his acclaimed 1998 graphic novel "Hicksville," cartoonist Dylan Horrocks uses one of that book's supporting characters' encounter with a magic drawing implement to not only tell an engaging story, but also engage with those three components of the human experience. "Magic Pen" may have been 10 years in the making, but it still showcases one of comics' best thinkers trying to reconcile with themes very much at the forefront of today's comics culture: the power of fantasy, the ease comics can express those creators' desires (both positive & negative) to the audience, the effect they have on a growing audience of different-minded or impressionable readers. There's a lot to unpack and some sensitive subject matter, and Mike & Greg try their best to do it without offending anyone. There might be a few more pauses than usual, but that's just because words are being extra-parsed. Find out if they succeed in avoiding any hot-rail catastrophes in this episode!

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