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Jan 23, 2014

Greg chats it up with Joe Keatinge, fresh off of this month's Image Expo, and you'd better have a comfy chair to listen to this one in, because it is a behemoth!

Over two and a half hours of comics talk straight from the man who brought you Hell Yeah!, Glory, and your soon-to-be-favorite title Shutter (announced at the Expo with artist Leila Del Duca), Joe is candid as always, and speaks his mind about Image, Marvel, DC, and a whole bunch of comics on either side of the Atlantic. Find out at what age he read Maus (it's a single digit), what he thought the biggest news out of the Expo was, what his original plans for Morbius were, and what event nearly collapsed the entire comic book industry.

All this, plus updates on as many of the 10 books he has coming out in April 2014 as legally allowed: Shutter, What If: Age of Ultron, Marvel Knights: Hulk, the Glory hardcover, and more. AND after that, there's a special segment after the outro with Joe just after he interviewed Jim Steranko at last year's Collector's Con!

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