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Apr 24, 2014

For those of you who weren't able to make it to AwesomeCon this past weekend, don't worry -- Greg was there to grab almost two hours of audio interviews.

Steve Niles, Justin Jordan, Carla Speed McNeil, Jamal Igle, Chris Pyrate, Jeremy Whitley, and Andrew Carl took time out of their busy con experience to give you updates on their current projects. So if you wanted to know about things like Bartkira, The Spread, Molly Danger, Princeless, Finder, Breath of Bones, Green Lantern, The October Faction, Feral NYC, Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, and a whole lot more, this is the episode to listen to.

And if that wasn't enough, Greg also got a chance to sit down with Third Eye Comics' Steve Anderson (co-sponser of AwesomeCon) before the show and pick his brain on one of best Free Comic Book Day events on the East Coast. Plus he talks store variant covers, and why Stray Bullets is one of his favorite series of all time.

And if THAT wasn't enough, Greg still had time to chat with Collectors Corner's Andrea Purcell about the OTHER best Free Comic Book Day on the East Coast, her Girls Only Comics Club initiative, what she's reading to stay up on things, and why she read Arkham Asylum 15 times.

And if THAT'S STILL not enough . . . then you'll just have to hold on until our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode next week. But until then, all the above goodness is just a click away!

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