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Dec 26, 2013

This week the guys dive into a work that, courtesy of the good folks at Humanoids, was translated and released in English earlier this year. From the incredibly inventive minds of Pierre Gabus and Romuald Reutimann, District 14 is a comic that pushes convention and genre into all sorts of new places.

Part noir, part sci-fi epic, and with a cast of both humans and funny animals, District 14 is the tale of an elephant named Michael who has recently immigrated to District 14 and is confronted with all the drama and absurdity contained within its walls. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems, especially when it comes to Michael and his newly minted friend Hector McKeagh, a beaver who is also the most notorious reporter in town. District 14 is a comic that can work on a purely fantasy level, while also smartly commenting on some of today's social issues. Wealth, corruption, fame, and the press are just a few examples of the topics reflected on in this work.

This volume, the first in a series, is well worth every comics fan's time. The concept and writing is exceptional, and the art is gorgeous. It's available digitally as well as in hardcover, and it comes with the RFT gold seal of approval.

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