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Sep 18, 2014

It's the week after Baltimore Comic Con and that means one thing: the Small Press Expo! Greg got a chance to hit the show for all three days and made it out of there with almost two hours worth of interviews. He got the chance to talk to: 

  • Matt Dembicki (XOC, Wild Ocean)
  • Joel Christian Gill (Strange Fruit, Tales of the Talented Tenth)
  • Josh O'Neill (Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream)
  • Shannon Wheeler (Too Much Coffee Man, God Is Disappointed In You)
  • Joe Infurnari (The Bunker)
  • Kyle Starks (Sexcastle)
  • Joe Procopio (The Lost Art of Ray Willner)

You also get to hear the second half of the two-part chat with:

  • Chris Pyrate (Feral NYC)
  • Alejandro Bruzzese (Leave This Bright World)

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