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Sep 17, 2014

Mike is joined by writer John Arcudi to discuss his forthcoming Image book Rumble. John is known for his work on BPRD, The Creep, and A God Somewhere, as well as working with some of the finest artists in comics today. Artist James Harren is joining John to help tell the tale of Rumble, which focuses on a scarecrow warrior who is past his prime, living in a city that also finds itself on the other side of greatness. John and James are two fantastic creators that, in Mike's opinion, compliment each other's work wonderfully. He's beyond excited for this series, and hopefully after hearing this you will be, too. 

Rumble isn't John's only new series this month's previews brings news off. He'll also be launching Hellboy and the BPRD with Mike Mignola and Alex Maleev. John and Mike talk about all of this and more in this wide ranging discussion.