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Mar 26, 2020

This episode was originally broadcast on June 4, 2016.

The lads celebrate 300 episodes by finally talking about a creator never before mentioned on the show: Mike Mignola! All kidding aside, this episode finds Mike & Greg in immediate post-Hellboy in Hell #10 territory, as the final issue hit stands mere hours before the tape started rolling.

After 23 years and 66 issues in various iterations, Mignola brings his story of a demon raised as a man to a close, possibly forever. Mike & Greg talk about not only what happens in the last installment, but preface that deep-dive with a healthy back&forth of Mignola's work & career in general.

What is it about his work that invites so much discussion? How have the years honed the Mignola/Stewart collaboration? When did Hellboy first zig where every one of his imitators zag, and which direction did that point to Mignola’s creative voice going? All that and more, plus Greg’s final answer on the “curve” Mignola vs “straight” Mignola debate, as Robots From Tomorrow celebrates its 300th episode!

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