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Aug 20, 2020

This episode was originally broadcast on April 29, 2015.

“The death-stench creeps.” “There’s something rotten in Okinawa.” These cover blurbs from today’s book discussion subject should tell you that we’re not talking sweetness and light this week. Mike & Greg go fishing with horror master Junji Ito and the brand-new hardcover collection of his 2001-2002 horror story Gyo

How terrifying can a horror story about fish be if 99% of it takes place on land? Ito’s got that covered. Serving up a tale equal parts dread and nihilism, Ito knows what buttons to push in his readers to be effective as a horror master, and he jams them hard here.

Find out who Ito took cues from and used as a benchmark to surpass in his story, what the difference is between shonen and seinen manga, how similar Gyo's adaptation into other media is to Watchmen's translation, why a circus can be scarier than a great white shark, which things make the human mind flash ‘DOES NOT COMPUTE’, and much more in this week’s episode!

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