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Nov 29, 2018

After covering the imprint’s origin & history, as well as its impact on the broader comics landscape, the lads finally get around to talking about the best aspect of Marvel Knights: the comics themselves! From the flagship Daredevil to the award-winning Inhumans to the culturally savvy Black Panther to the let’s-call-it-misguided first Punisher miniseries, there’s no lack of discussion material.

And the topics don’t stop there! From later series like The Sentry, Marvel Boy, Black Widow, Hard Knocks and the eponymous Dixon-Barreto book, to why the line couldn’t shake its “street level” vibe and what that means, to why David Mack is twice the comics artist you thought he was, to Greg complimenting Jae Lee and Mike complimenting Steve Dillion, to why Frank Castle and Joe Dredd are brothers from different mothers...there’s something for every one in this episode!

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