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Nov 24, 2016

Another “Previews” in the pullbox means another look into our comics future! This first half of our expanded “Previews” coverage focuses on the catalog’s Green section, the back half that just so happens to cover about 75% of comics publishers. What impending January 2017 releases catch Mike & Greg’s fancy? The British (Comics) Invasion! Riverdale! Scarlet Traces! Ghost In The Shell! Joan Cornella! Iron Circus Comics! The Masters of Spanish Comics Art! All that, plus the breadth of Jeff Smith’s financial empire, what science fiction gets wrong, the difference between British creator outputs in the U.K. versus the US of A, how many Modern Masters do YOU have on your shelf, and much more. Clocking in at over two hours, there's definitely something for everyone in Part the First of our two-part “Previews” episode!

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