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Dec 10, 2015

Another Previews catalog showed up on their doorsteps, so it’s time to gaze into the tomorrow of February 2016 and see what catches Mike and Greg’s eyes. Alternative Comics (yet again, the publisher)! A Sammy Harkham double-shot of Kramers Ergot & Crickets! The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye! Kennel Block Blues! Jonesy! Wet Moon! Bakuman! School Judgment! From Now On! Shaft! As You Were! Powr Mastrs! All that, plus effective logo design and when words become images themselves, the nostalgia for living in shitty group houses with live bands playing all the time, how awesome “Titan” by François Vigneault turned out to be, and more! But wait, where's all the Marvel/DC talk? Well, friends, we got so into the spirit of talking comics that we had to split this episode in twain to fit it into the schedule. So look for the ensuing discussion about the front-half of the catalog next week!

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