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Sep 24, 2015

Another September, another SPX. This year, the Small Press Expo actually kicks off the latter-half of the convention-going year for Mike & Greg, as one or the other will be going to SPX, Baltimore Comicon, NYCC, and the Locust Moon Comics Festival. And of course, that means interviews and check-ins galore!

We start things off with this trio of talks Greg conducted from the recent SPX 2015. The first was checking in with frequent RFT guest Josh O'Neill of Locust Moon Press. Josh, along with partners Andrew Carl and Chris Stevens, has had quite the busy year since we last checked in with them. Their "Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream" anthology hit the Eisner Awards like a juggernaut, and spawned a budget-sized companion volume overseen by the great Francoise Mouly. And while that was going on, they managed to put together a comic so good the Philadelphia Museum of Art decided (no joke) to place it in their collection.

Next came Greg's chance to finally talk with "Wuvable Oaf" creator Ed Luce about his new Fantagraphics collection of that comic's output to date.

And finally, Greg let Matt Silady teach him all about the Comics MFA program at the California College of Art, a 3-year low-residency program that lets you take your education in comics to the next level.

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