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Jul 29, 2015

In 1970, DC proclaimed, “The Great One Is Coming!” And they were right! Jack “The King” Kirby went across the street from Marvel to the Distinguished Competition and hit their publishing line like an atomic bomb. The New Gods! Mister Miracle! The Forever People! The Demon! Omac! But few of them had the specific impact & influence as today’s subject: Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth! Mike & Greg focus on the earlier issues of The King’s 37-issue full-creator run, but as with all things Kirby, there’s so much other stuff to consider. Is this the best work of his career? What drove him to DC in the first place, and then back to Marvel? How much microfilm did Kamandi read? Why is Kirby Sheen more signature than Kirby Krackle? When did you first GET Kirby? All that, plus looks at the 70’s DC “Bullpen Bulletins”, Kirby inkers compared and rated, and exactly what speed were these comics were intended to be read at?

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