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Jan 29, 2015

This week's episode swings the pendulum back in a more mainstream direction by taking aim at a Jim Starlin Big Two cosmic event book with an oddball collection of heroes and a Machiavellian manipulator at the center of things. "Infinity Gauntlet"? Nope! "Cosmic Odyssey"! To make things even better, Mike and Greg are joined on this journey into mystery by Multiversity Comics' own DC expert Brian Salvatore! The lads leave few, if any, stones unturned in this look back at the Prestige Format miniseries from 1988. Come for the Starlin talk, stay for the Mignola discussion and tons of other interesting tidbits, like what are each of our #fourcomics picks, which artist showed Brian that superheroes didn't have to fit a certain artistic mold, why Batman plays the whole "don't use guns" and "don't kill" things pretty fast and loose in this series, how his relationship with Superman should be handled, and who turns out to be the character most affected by this series.

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