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Jan 22, 2015

Another Previews catalog showed up on their doorsteps, so it’s time to gaze into the tomorrow of March 2015 and see what catches Mike and Greg’s eyes. Archie #666 (maybe?)! The Complete Eightball (possibly?)! Wuvable Oaf (definitely!)! The Light & Darkness War! Frankenstein Underground! Halogen! Giant Days! Angry Youth Comix! 60's Soul! The absolute gauntlet of new Image books (Chrononauts, Descender, Invisible Republic, Red One, and more)! Miami Vice Remixed! Find out what new Marvel Star Wars book actually cracks a smile on Mike's face, which 2000AD strip the gents think would make a good candidate for the next US-Format miniseries, why Dan Abnett is ten types of unappreciated, and if we should be worried that DC's Convergence is a death sentence for some burgeoning classics.

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