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Mar 18, 2024

Today’s show has not one, not two, but THREE Canadian cartoonists on the mics ready to chat with Greg.

  • Luc Bossé, cartoonist of Gary, King of the Pick-Up Artists and publisher of Pow Pow Press,

  • Thom, cartoonist of such Pow Pow works as VII, Casa Rodeo, and the upcoming Botanica Drama, and

  • returning guest François Vigneault, a cartoonist whose Pow Pow work includes the French language edition of his sci-fi classic Titan, but is here today in his capacity as Pow Pow’s Marketing Manager.

As you can probably guess, the connection here is Pow Pow. More specifically, Editions Pow Pow, a Montreal-based publisher with the goal of spreading the work of Quebec cartoonists to bookshelves of French- or English-speaking readers across the globe.

Pow Pow came to our attention thru François, but it KEPT out attention with books like the ones previously mentioned, but also Cathon’s The Pineapples of Wrath, Sophie Bedard’s Lonely Boys, and Éloïse Marseille’s Naked: The Confessions of a Normal Woman.

The goal of today’s chat is to be nothing less than the best English-language primer on Pow Pow – how it came to be, what it is, and where it’s going.