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Mar 14, 2024

Today’s episode is the third of three looking at the best Superman stories of the Seventies to the mid-Eighties with the DC3Cast’s very own Vince Ostrowski! Vince & Greg dive into what makes the Superman of this era different than his more modern incarnation and give you gem after gem of Super-Tales of the post-Silver Age / pre-Crisis Man of Steel. Crises! Birthday presents! Planets exploding! Planets not exploding! Team-ups great and small! All that plus one last imaginary tale on today’s episode! 



Comics referred to in this episode are:

  • Action Comics #544-546, 554, 583
  • Superman #385-386, 400, 412-414, 423
  • Superman Annual #11
  • DC Comics Presents #61, 82, 85, 87
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, 11-12 (of 12)

All comics are available as individual issues on DC Universe Infinite except for Superman #385-386 and 400, and Action Comics #544-546.

Action Comics #544-546 and 400 are collected, either in full or excerpts, in the Adventures of Superman: Gil Kane or Superman: A Celebration of 75 Years collections.