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Jul 27, 2023

When someone is inducted into the Royal Society of Literature, they are invited to sign their names in a roll book dating back to the society's founding in 1820, using the pen of Lord Byron, T.S. Elliot, or George Elliot. Greg closes today's chat with writer Nikesh Shukla by asking what pen he chose, because not only is Nikesh writing the current Spider-Man: India miniseries (with issue #2 hitting shelves July 26th), but he was also inducted into the Society back in 2019, to join such fellow Fellows as Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, Tom Stoppard, and roughly 596 other distinguished gentlefolk of English literature.

In addition to those two wonderfully dichotomous career achievements, Nikesh has written five novels, co-founded the Zhalak Prize for British or British resident writers of color, and edited two collections of essays called The Good Immigrant, which center around race, immigration, identity, and the experience of ethnic minority life in both the United Kingdom AND in the 2019 followup co-edited with Chimene Suleyman, the United States. These are issues and aspects of life never far from his thoughts or his work, as is the concept of Seva. Greg talks with Nikesh about all this and more on today's episode!

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