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Jun 8, 2023

Today's episode takes us back to a time when gods walked the earth. Oh sure, they may LOOK like four late 80's teenagers banging their way thru semi-coherent covers of rock songs, but they are, in fact, all that stands in the way of Jackson, TN suffering a biblical-level plague of . . . well . . . you'll find out in The Rock Gods of Jackson, Tennessee, the new OGN by Mike Norton & Rafer Roberts, now in comic shops from Dark Horse.

Greg talks with the duo about how to spin autobio soul-searching into the stuff of horror classics, pros & cons of working on a single release versus a longer serialized product, just what the hell a pre-press specialist does, the comics rhythm section of Allen Passalacqua and Crank!, staying focused over the long haul, and much more. All that, and the eternal debate of Metallica versus Megadeth on today’s episode!