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May 11, 2023

Today's episode returns the show to a topic apparently never too far from our thoughts: the galaxy's greatest comic 2000AD! After his recent chat with Mike Molcher where The Best of 2000AD was touched on, Mike suggested Greg reach out to today’s guest for a real deep dive into the subject. Some emails were sent, plans made, and here we are with Greg chatting with the Best Of maestro himself: Owen Michael Johnson.

The pair talk about Johnson's decidedly non-2000AD comics upbringing, the peril of curating stories from a 45-year catalog into 6 volumes, his quasi-trial-by-fire directing the 40 Years of Thrill-Power festival anniversary extravaganza for Rebellion in 2017, his colleagues at the Nerve Centre, what Big Two U.S. comics character he'd love to "Best Of", and much more! All that AND some Kirby Silver Surfer deep diving on today’s episode!

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