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Feb 23, 2023

Today’s guest is not only a man of his times, but several others as well. When he’s not re-enacting 17th century English civil warfare, he’s spreading the gospel of 2000AD, the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, as the now-Brand Manager of Rebellion/2000AD. But it’s his role as author of the new book I AM THE LAW: How Judge Dredd Predicted Our Future that brings him back to the show today. The book melds comics history with political, social, and policing scholarship to us how a comic series started in the 20th century about a lawman in the 22nd century is still showing us what we have to look forward to (and hopefully avoid) in the 21st century. It deserves to be on both college syllabi and fan bookshelves for years to come.

Nearly ten years after he helped the lads set up the Multiver-City One column that still goes strong each and every week, Michael Molcher sits down to chat with Greg about the book and all things Dredd, the surrealism of promoting his own work, the brilliance of cover artist Pye Parr, and just what the hell a Brand Manager does.