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Feb 4, 2021

The time between the first comic being published and the first fan discussion of comics can probably be counted in seconds. From their debut in the early days of the last century, these slabs of words and pictures have stayed in lockstep with other pop culture phenomena in generating a fandom so strong that it not only lasts to this day but literally changed the world we live in. Comics fandom was launched from small fanzines distributed by hand amongst locals or by mail to anywhere else, and it was decades worth of those pamphlets that helped build both the fanbase AND the creator pool necessary to help comics eventually breakout of their publishing ghetto. From The Comics Reader to Alter Ego to Squa Tront to The Comics Journal and all points in-between, the fanzines of yesterday built the fandom of today.

But what about today's fanzines? That question prompted Mike & Greg to devote today's episode to not only delving into some fanzine backstory, but also check out some of the 21st century crop of fanzines: Bubbles, Strangers, and But Is It Comic Aht?. And though it may have outlasted its fanzine origins, one can't look at the state of comics discussion and criticism in modern times without checking out the Fantagraphics juggernaut of TCJ.

So sit back, relax, and listen to the lads wax poetic about other comics fans waxing poetic about their favorite comics in any way they could!

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