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Nov 9, 2017

Emboldened by his solo run of Pull List episodes, Mike takes a crack at tackling this month's Previews catalog all by his lonesome. So what sorts of funny books await us in November's green section? How about a new "Strangers in Paradise" series? Will this 25th anniversary title finally get Mike to read this series? Enough with the questions, let's get declarative! There's a spiffy looking collection of Wally Wood and Jack Kirby's "Skymasters" on the horizon, as is a volume of classic Archie horror comics. Speaking of Archie, looks like their new series "Cosmo" might just fill the Sonic-shaped hole in their line up (and Mike's heart.) Then, of course, there's plenty of Fantagraphics love, particularly for that Shak Kane book they're coming to market with! All that and so much more await you in this week's episode!

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