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Jun 15, 2017

Almost a year and a half after their first conversation, Greg Rucka is back to talk with our Greg about his current workload. What was originally going to be a quick follow-up to the earlier discussion turned into a full-on debrief about the current state of "Lazarus" (and "Lazarus X+66"), "The Old Guard", "Stumptown", "Black Magick", and (of course) the Amazon of the hour: "Wonder Woman". Rucka talks about the perils of working on a bi-weekly book, the importance of pauses in his work, the deep geekdom that forged him, collaboration as the key to success, what missteps he sought to avoid from his prior "Wonder Woman" run, whether DC Rebirth was as much of a course correction for his relationship with the company as it was for the character he was writing, and more on this week's episode!

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