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Mar 16, 2017

Dave Chisholm may not have been in the comics industry long enough to achieve the 'rock star' status of someone like Jim Lee or Paul Pope, but in terms of creating both comics AND music, he's a band apart from just about every other creator out there. Because when you write and draw your own graphic novel ("Instrumental" from Z2 Comics in May), compose/perform a companion soundtrack to be released simultaneously WITH that graphic novel, AND have another full-length album of music from the band you front being released around the same time (Talking Under Water self-titled debut album on April 28th) . . . what other label is there? Decide for yourself after listening to this interview, where Greg talks with Dave about process both musical and sequential, the difficulty of getting the essence of sound across a silent medium, and more. Where else could you hear talk about Frank Quitely, Kevin Nowlan, and Brian Eno in the same discussion?

And if that wasn't enough, you can hear of clips "Celebration" and "Death and the Narrator" (from "Instrumental"'s upcoming score) in the episode itself, PLUS the full "Celebration" track from the Multiversity Comics episode post page!

BONUS: Here are the two other non-"Instrumental" pieces of music mentioned in the episode:

"Tossing and Turning" from the Tossing and Turning EP by Talking Under Water  

"Calligraphy" from Calligraphy by Dave Chisholm 

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