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Aug 18, 2016

Another “Previews” in the pullbox means another look into our comics future! This first half of our expanded “Previews” coverage focuses on the catalog’s Green section, the back half that just so happens to cover about 75% of comics publishers. What impending October 2016 releases catch Mike & Greg’s fancy? Charles Burns’ “Last Look!” The entire Alternative Comics’ publishing slate! Cinebook’s “Clear Blue Tomorrows!” “Mega-Man!” Archie jamming with The Ramones! “Betty Boop!” “Chimera Brigade!” “Giant Days!” Kelley Jones & Bob Kane! “Platinum End!” Hester & Ellis! “Kelly - The Cartoonist America Turns To!” “Reich!” King-sized “Prince Valiant!” All that, plus which opinions will get you punched in the f%#*ing mouth if spoken at your LCS. So a little something for everyone on Part one of our two-part “Previews” episode!

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