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Jul 28, 2016

A co-host’s comment and an EiC’s panel answer spark this week’s discussion on tackling the comic reader’s eternal dilemma: “How can I make time to enjoy the comics I already have when I keep buying more each week?” Unstoppable forces and immovable objects collide as the lads discuss not only quantities of comics but quality of reading as well. When was the last time you got to savor a book? Really look at and absorb for more than two seconds that page an artist worked a whole day creating? But with the market as it stands, and deserving creators needing every single customer to keep their books afloat, is dropping New Comic Day cold turkey really the answer? And what is your definition of ‘deserving’? All those questions and more posed, pondered, and maybe even answered on this week’s episode!

Robots From Tomorrow is a weekly comics podcast recorded deep beneath the Earth’s surface. You can subscribe to it via iTunes or through the RSS feed at You can also follow Mike and Greg on Twitter. This episode is brought to you by Third Eye Comics. Enjoy your funny books.