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Jun 23, 2016

Our month-long look at Dark Horse Comics continues, both over at Multiversity Comics and here on this show with today's overview of the publisher’s various anthology offerings. Yes, we’ve all heard of “Dark Horse Presents”...but what about “Mayhem”? Or “Deadline USA”? Or “Cheval Noir”? The lads dig deep on this one to give credit where credit is due for Dark Horse’s commitment to delivering many different kinds of comics in single-issue packages. Why was there no manga anthology? Who was Toren Smith? What made Dark Horse Comics publish “Dark Horse Comics”? Which Alan Moore collaborator did Greg think made an appearance in ‘Sin City’ during its initial serialization in “DHP”? When did Ed Brubaker share shelf space with… Dr. Giggles? How did ‘The Masque’ wind up with a spelling change and a new lease on life? The answers to all those questions and more on today’s episode!

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