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May 26, 2016

Mike and Greg squeeze in another freeform talk before the lead-up to next week’s “Dark Horse Month” over at Multiversity Comics. Having recently returned to the office-dwelling workforce, Greg starts things off with thoughts about how to decorate your workspace and the different levels of letting your geek flag fly. Do you go all-out? Is less really more? Even within SFW limits, what are the parameters to consider when deciding what parts of your fandom to share with the uninitiated? And are you prepared for the questions, comments, and fallout of your choices? You might be with this crowd a while, so getting off on the right foot is important. Find out where he & Mike draw their particular lines!

Then it's off to the iPads for some Marvel Unlimited back-issue bin rummaging! Leading out of a request by fellow MCer Matthew Garcia, the lads come up with some off-the-cuff recommendations and cover art critiques. Plus Jim Lee faces off against John Byrne with Mark Chiarello waiting in the wings, Humberto Ramos spins many a Spider-Man cover, and Greg carpet F-bombs the work of one particular Marvel cover artist. Is it Greg Land? Greg Horn? Greg Capullo? Find out who and much more on this episode!

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