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Apr 28, 2016

With Mike on assignment this week, Greg taps Multiversity Comics editor & frequent RFT guest Brian Salvatore to sit in on this week's episode, taking a look at the recent Eisner Award 2016 nominations. But while most of the internet chatter has been about the nominees, Greg & Brian aim this discussion at a slightly wider angle: do the 2016 Eisner categories really reflect where comics find themselves in 2016? Starting with a peek behind the proverbial curtain for Multiversity's own "Year in Review" criteria & goals, the talk goes wider to the North American comics awards landscape: Eisners, Harveys, and Ignatz. Find out which company had a stranglehold on the "Best Editor" Eisner for its entire run, what awards were given during the 1970s, why we don't give out Kirby Awards, and how to solve a problem like contradictory categories. All that, plus a proposal for the Kim Thompson Award and more on today's episode!