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Apr 21, 2016

Another free-form discussion this week, but one kicked off by talk of the recently released Doctor Strange “teaser” trailer. How spot-on is Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme? Does Strange’s tenuous ties to superheroics make him less or more attractive as a property outside comics, given his difficulty in keeping an ongoing series? What about his “Strange Tales” co-stars Cloak & Dagger? With their possible movie from page to screen, what parts of their dynamic still work outside their early 80’s crime sensationalist origins? Lest you think this episode is all Marvel, the lads throw some consideration to DC’s announcement of Gerard Way’s ‘Young Animal’ imprint. And then Mike tells all about the bounty of Jim Rugg mini comics and special variants picked up. That last bit might sound like boring radio to the uninitiated, were it not for the fact that Jim Rugg is physically incapable of putting out ANYTHING that doesn't merit some discussion. All that, plus Greg gets quizzed on DC imprints throughout the ages, the name “Mr. Jyp” is used in context for the first time in who knows HOW many years, and the secret connection between Maya Lopez and Hank Hall is revealed!

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