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Mar 17, 2016

Mike & Greg focus on a work that took home two 2015 Ignatz Awards (for Outstanding Graphic Novel and Outstanding Comic) AND made Publishers Weekly’s list of the best books of 2015: “The Oven” by Sophie Goldstein! When Syd & Eric leave their sheltered, regulated lives in a domed city to start a family off-the-grid, circumstances quickly become more than they anticipated. Have they escaped one dead-end only to find themselves in another? Is a fresh start possible under these demanding conditions? In only 80 pages, Golstein manages to tell a story both concise & expansive simultaneously, giving the lads a lot of material to consider. And you know they can't discuss an Adhouse Books release without getting into the particulars of the book’s presentation, especially one as striking as “The Oven”. Mike flexes some printing knowledge muscles as he breaks down how Goldstein & Adhouse were able to make this book look like nothing else on the shelf. All that and more on this episode!

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