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Jan 28, 2016

With Mike on assignment this week for some big Multiversity Comics happenings, Greg brings in not one, but TWO guests to help fill the void. ROBOTS and Multiversity Comics contributor Paul Lai is joined by his comic-reading younger brother Sonny as the three lads discuss one of the more interesting miniseries of 2015: "Oh, Killstrike". This BOOM! Studios book tells a tale steeped in comics history meta-text and gargantuan-sized vengeance, as the fanboy-and-new-father protagonist is teamed up with a living, breathing version of the main character from "The Worst Comic Book Ever Created": Killstrike! Written by Max Bemis and drawn by Logan Faerber, "Oh, Killstrike" is chock-a-block with the type of in-jokes, commentary, and story that we love to dissect here at matter who's behind the mic! So all that and tons more is just a single mouse click away!

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