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Oct 15, 2015

Today we have Greg's interviews from last week's New York Comic Con.

Things kick off with writer/editor/Valkyrie Katy Rex. Katy is working on Strange Wit, a graphic novel about the life & works of writer Jane Bowles. They talk about that, her multitude of other works, and just what it means to be a Valkyrie in today’s comics climate.

Next comes artist Nilah Magruder. Winner of the inaugural Dwayne McDuffie Diversity Award earlier this year, Nilah is the cartoonist behind the webcomic M.F.K.. They chat a little bit about her approach to the comic as well as the new picture book she’s working on for 2016. Keep checking back at Multiversity Comics for an more in-depth interview with Nilah in the coming days.

Following that Greg checks in with Leila del Duca and Joe Keatinge of “Shutter”, delving into some process talk with Leila and getting some lowdown on Joe’s upcoming Image book Ringside with Nick Barber. Plus, Greg takes the opportunity to pick his brain on the just-announced Moebius Library and what we might be seeing from that Dark Horse project.

And finally, things wrap up with a talk with writer Alex Simmons and Joseph Illidge. Simmons’ work on the comic “Blackjack” has been brought back into print by Dover Graphic Novels, and we get a chance to hear from the writer himself about why writing the adventures of a 1930’s African-American soldier of fortune with a conscience is still relevant in 2015.

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