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Jan 10, 2019

In honor of the new "Criminal" volume launching this week, we re-present this book discussion from April 16, 2015.

It wasn't their first creative partnership, or even their first long-form work together, but when comic fans think of the book they first noticed how good Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips worked together, they almost always think of Criminal. With the series now at Image Comics and being rereleased in new trade paperback collections, Mike & Greg take this opportunity to look at the duo's opening storyline: "Coward".

What does it and the series as a whole know about crime fiction that so many imitators seem to miss? How does it stack up against the Eisner-winning sixth volume "The Last of the Innocent"? Where did the Brubaker/Archie Comics connection first pop up? Why did the duo announce their exclusivity to Image? Who's the best colorist in their crew: Val Staples, Dave Stewart, or Elizabeth Breitweiser?

All that and much much more about the whole world of Phillips and Brubaker is ready for your ears on this week's episode!

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