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Nov 20, 2014

Straight from the pages of Eightball, or the 10th Anniversary Hardcover, or The Daniel Clowes Reader, or the silver screen, or a digital media device of your choosing is Daniel Clowes's Ghost World. This 80-page graphic novella (and film adaptation) succinctly captures two girls' transition from the certainty of sarcastic adolescence to the unforgiving uncertainty of young adulthood. Mike and Greg talk about Ghost World in both forms, touching on topics like how the work can be so specifically in one time but not feel slaved to it, why Zwigoff and Clowes made such a perfect partnership in getting this story to the screen, what chapter almost made Greg check out ot the book entirely, whether Christina Ricci was ever cast as Enid, the power of first influences and how they shape your perceptions going forward, Clowes' distillation of story into absolute essential bits, and much more. (No animals were or are ever harmed during the making of this podcast)

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