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Oct 23, 2014

Unofficially labeled ‘The Nitnit Trilogy’, Charles Burns’ latest comics work finished this year with the publication of “Sugar Skull” following the release of “X’ed Out” in 2010 and “The Hive” in 2012. With all three volumes in hand, Mike and Greg take a look at the story both as a whole and as a collection of pieces from other sources. Burns’ inspiration for these books ranges from Herge’s TinTin to Silver Age romance comics with a healthy dosage of Burrough’s cut-up technique thrown in, and these factors plus many, many others come into play in this discussion. Find out who else besides Burns is carved onto Mike’s alt-cartoonist Mount Rushmore, what Greg thought the skeleton of the story was, where David Lynch fits into all this, what the fourth book in the trilogy is and where you can or can’t find it, and so much more!

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