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Apr 2, 2014

This week, Greg gets a chance to talk with Image creator Leila del Duca, whose series Shutter (with writer Joe Keatinge) is not only her first book with that company, but also her first work published by one of the Big Three.

Set in a modern world where mythology and all manner of fantastical elements are as common as subway trains and Starbucks, Shutter is about Kate Kristopher, a young woman who left a life of exploration and adventure behind only to find that world not so eager to let her walk away.

Leila talks all about the book, how she got to this point, and such other topics as why burning bridges is never a good thing, circle Mignola versus straight-line Mignola, just what the hell “dry brush” is for those of us not artistically inclined, reverse-engineering comics, Goodwin & Williamson’s Star Wars daily strip, and the bottle of wine at New York Comicon 2012 that changed her life forever. All that and a whole lot more is just a click away!

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