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When someone in comics describes something as Workman-like, that is a compliment of the highest order, because John Workman has done just about every job in the industry and done so with a consistent excellence for over four decades. Known primarily for his award-winning lettering for such projects as Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol, Paul Pope's 100%, Tommy Lee Edwards' Marvel 1985, and the majority of Walt Simonson's output, Workman has also been a writer, essayist, cartoonist, and the Art Director for Heavy Metal during the late 70's and early 80's heydey. He has also been one of the few letterers to really thrive in the digital age, using a hybrid work process to marry electronic efficiency with analog personality. In between his work on the Mega Man/Sonic books for Archie Comics, a new project with Tommy Lee Edwards, and lettering Simonson's new Ragnarok series from IDW, he spared a few hours to talk with Mike and Greg about his career, what he's seen, and where he thinks comics are going from here.

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