Robots From Tomorrow!

The lads end up talking about street gangs from both sides of the Atlantic in this episode. An off-air chat about Katsuhiro Otomo’s masterpiece spills onto the show as a prelude to our upcoming Akira talk. The 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray with DVDs included and all possible language combinations available is out, and you should buy it! Start reading and watching now, because our Akira talk is coming!

Talk then shifts from Neo-Toyko to New York/Jersey with Brendan Leach’s Pterodactyl Hunters in the Gilded City and Iron Bound. Both stories were given high marks by each host, but does Greg think Iron Bound is a step forward for Leach, or backwards? Does Mike convince him that a creator of Leach’s caliber does nothing without consideration, and therefore everything is intentional? That passion making squiggles of straight lines should be embraced? That Leach is a creator to keep an eye on right now and moving forward? (Spoiler for the last question: yes). 

Robots From Tomorrow is a weekly comics podcast recorded deep beneath the Earth’s surface. You can subscribe to it via iTunes or through the RSS feed at You can also follow Mike and Greg on Twitter. Music is John Hughes by Anamanaguchi. Enjoy your funny books.

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